Reach The Top!

We, at Spantik, like the mountain peak itself, cater to your clothing needs as our “top” priority. Our aim is to help you find your own, unique style rather than something straight out of a warehouse stack. Our pieces are limited in quantity, and true to the quality, this won’t be an article you find online edited with a “brand” logo, it will be what you get, and deserve (unless you’ve done things in the past, we just can’t do background checks, okay? yikes).

We Create What We Want!

Spantik isn’t just a clothing brand, Spantik manufactures and exports high-end fashion all over the globe. So what does this mean for our brand? Well, the advantage of having intricate European cuts, special fabrics with ultra-soft finishes, designs that speak to people who have lived most of their lives seeing European fashion before it hit the market, and lastly high-quality stitching to create a sturdy garment, it won’t be the garment that’s begging to be given away any longer, it’s there to stay!